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GWR Ballast Hopper
C110 GWR/BR Herring Ballast Hopper Wagons  details…


Cambrian Models 4mm Scale Plastic Wagon Kits & Accessories

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NEW: C300 5 pairs of Tie Bars for 12' 0" wb wagons, suitable for Bachmann 38-701 BR Pipe Wagon etc. details…
Also available: Kit C115 LSWR 10ton Low Roof Van details…C305 5 pairs of Etched Tie Bars for 9' 0" wb wagons; and C306 5 pairs of Etched Tie Bars for 9' 6" wb wagons details…

Transfers for C82 and C106 Sturgeon kits are now available on a separate sheet from Cambridge Custom Transfers, sheet BL146+ a for ScR, b for ER, c for LMR, d for NER, and e for SR & WR.

Below: 17' 6" / 10' 0" wheelbase underframe intended to be used for wagons without a floor, such as tank wagons and hopper wagons. This is available as an underframe kit (C105).

one piece skeleton underframe

  •  About our kits

These are plastic (polystyrene) kits which include underframes etc. & bogies (where needed). You will need wheels/bearings, transfers, couplings & paint to complete our kits – more details below. Plastic buffers are included in all kits, however some newer kits have separate buffer body parts which make it easier to fit cast/sprung buffers. Our range covers a long period of railway history: from about 1900 to the present day – wagons such as C14 Sharks & C88 ASF-bogied Salmons are still in use in 2014 (some as Ospreys).
If you are new to kit building, these kits with "one-piece" floors and underframe (pictured above) are the simplest to put together – C79, C84, C93, C96 and C97.

  •  How to buy them

Our kits are available from a number of model shops & other stockists (See list). They are also available by mail order and at model railway exhibitions from some stockists. We also attend a number of exhibitions with our own stand. We can also supply direct if you do not have a model shop nearby – see details at bottom of page.
PLEASE NOTE: we are no longer able to supply goods direct to the USA or Canada, as our insurers have advised us that our product liability insurance does not cover these countries.

  •  Putting them together

Suitable adhesives (solvents) are Humbrol Liquid Poly or Revell Contacta – there are two types of both of these: a bottle with a brush, or with a thin tube; avoid the Revell brush type as the bottle is easily knocked over and the liquid seems to thicken once opened. Also it is easier to control how much is applied using the tube type. You might need a short length of thin wire to clear the tube from time to time. There is also a Humbrol version with a tube.
Lost the kit instructions, or want to see them before you buy a kit? Many instructions are available, select: Instructions (pdfs) in the left hand Menu.
Weight can be added to a wagon by glueing metal blocks under the floor. Alternativly, especially on some of our complicated kits, weight can be added using "Liquid Gravity", available from, their ref.: DLBD-38. (The link should take you straight to the product.)

  •  Wheels

Kits are designed for 26mm axles (& brass bearings) with "OO gauge" wheel spacing, plus EM or S4 wheel sets (on 26mm axles). We recommend Alan Gibson wheels. Avoid "RTR" types such as Hornby or Bachmann as these may be larger than the kit is designed for – this could make fitting couplings difficult, particularly on shorter wagons; also the axle length may also be shorter than the recommended make's standard axles (26mm).

◊ We usually have stocks of various types of Alan Gibson wheels and bearings for 16.5mm/OO gauge, EM Gauge and S4. See wheel details & prices. The wheel type for each kit is shown to the right of the prices on the Price List

  •  Couplings

Most kits have mounting blocks for Hornby metal couplings. Bachmann Mini couplings can be fitted if the mounting holes are enlarged a little. NEM type couplings can be fitted using pockets available from Parkside (see: PA34 on the Parkside web site). Bogies can be fitted with either Hornby or Bachmann couplings. C82/C106 Sturgeon kits have NEM pockets.
With the exception of kit C100, "dummy" prototype coupling hooks are not included in our kits. Etched brass hooks can be obtained from Brassmasters in packs of 12/24 (depending on whether they are folded in half to increase thickness).
NOTE: kits from C100 (except bogie wagons), with their own underframe moulding, will not include mounting blocks for couplings.

  •  Paint & Transfers

Transfers are available in the Modelmasters, Cambridge Custom Transfers, Scalemodeltransfers and HMRS ranges. Transfers for PO wagons are available from POWsides. Suitable paint colours are in the Precision Paint range — kit instructions give reference numbers. The Railmatch range also includes similar colours but these are not referenced in our instructions.

The Kits Price List is now on a separate page: Retail Price List (February 2014) 

or go straight to a section of the price list:

Great Western Railway (GWR / Cam Rys) Wagon Kits

London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS / MR) Wagon Kits

London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) Wagon Kits

Southern Railway (SR) Wagon Kits

SR pre-group Wagons (LBSC / LSWR / SECR) 

British Railways Departmental/Engineers' Wagon Kits

British Railways Bogie Wagon Kits

British Railways 4-wheel Wagon Kits

Private Owner Wagon Kits

Freight Wagon Bogies etc.

Underframe Kits


Alan Gibson Wheels

 See also (in the 16mm section):
LEDs, Switches, Battery boxes and Connectors … for building lighting, control panels etc.

Prices shown are recommended retail prices including 20% VAT (GB & EU)

Our kits are available from the Model Shops listed on the Stockists page (Some of those listed only or also attend exhibitions). If you do not have a nearby shop and wish to order direct please send a cheque or postal order, made payable to Cambrian Models.
Please add £2.50 postage & packing for orders up to £10.00 and £5.00 for orders over £10.00 in GB. The higher rate also applies to any value order that includes C11 Catfish, C12 Dogfish, and any kit with a one-piece underframe.

We can now take debit or credit cards which have the Visa, Mastercard or Maestro logo, for telephone or mail orders. We do not recommend sending card details by email.
You can also pay using PayPal, either from your balance, or using a credit or debit card – contact us via our email form and we'll send a Paypal Invoice for the amount payable including postage.
Do NOT include your credit card details in the email to us.

Please note that whatever you use to pay, we do not offer a "by return" service. We are a two-person manufacturing business, not a warehouse, and time has to be split between making items and sending orders. Inclusion of items on our website does not mean that we have the item "on the shelf". Please allow 21 days for delivery (or 28 days for overseas orders).

To order goods we will need a cheque in GB pounds drawn on a British Bank, or cash in GB pounds, or Euros e.g. from a Bureau de Change or Travel Agent. Otherwise, payment can be made by Paypal; or by including your credit/debit card details – see above.
PLEASE NOTE: we are no longer able to supply goods direct to the USA or Canada, as our insurers have advised us that our product liability insurance does not cover these countries.
Postage & Packing:
EU countries — postage will be a minimum of £5.00. The amount added will be based on the estimated weight of your order.
Non-EU countries – postage will be a minimum of £5.50. We will estimate the postage cost and use prices without VAT to work out the total payable.
The prices shown on the price list page include a VAT element of 17%. Prices without VAT will be used for non-EU orders.

Our address is:
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Our phone number is: 01945 420511

Overseas: +44 1945 420511

The best time to phone is 9 - 10am or 2 - 3pm.