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BR Sturgeon

Cambrian Models 4mm Scale Plastic Wagon Kits & Accessories

Retail Price List – new prices from 30th March 2017


Click on " details…" for more about the kit and links to prototype photos to aid modelling.
Our wagon kits do not include wheels - the type required is shown to the right of the price, e.g. S.
Where two/three letters are shown, the second type may have been used later.
We stock a selection of Alan Gibson wheels in OO, EM and S4, listed below.

For ordering and postage information see this page

   ↓ Wheel type ↓

Great Western Railway (GWR) Wagon Kits

C1 GWR 10ton Ballast Wagon ("Starfish")   details… £4.80      S
C2 GWR 10ton Loco Coal Wagon   details… £4.80      S
C3 GWR M4/5 Shunters' Truck   details… £7.35      S
C4 GWR Chaired Sleeper Wagon   details… £7.35      S
C5 GWR 6ton Crane & Match Truck   details… £15.65  S+T
C48 GWR Loriot W Wagon   details… £10.20  S, D
C64 GWR 40ton Bogie Loco Coal Wagon   details… £10.20      T
C97 GWR O30 Steel-bodied Open   details… £5.65      S
C110 GWR P22 Ballast Hopper   details… £12.50  T, D
Pre-grouping wagons:  
C100 Cambrian Railway 2 Plank Dropside    details… £5.65      O
C111 Cambrian Railway 4 Plank Open   with sheet rail    details… £7.35      O


London Midland & Scottish Railway (LMS) Wagon Kits

C8 LMS 16ton Mineral Wagon   details… £4.80D
C9 LMS 12ton All-Steel Van   details… £5.65O, S
C47 LMS 50ton Bogie Rail Wagon - BBP   details… £13.45L
C57 LMS 12ton High-sided Goods Wagon   details… £5.65S, D
C58 LMS 12ton High-sided Goods Wagon   details… £5.65S, D
C80 LMS 12ton Wood-bodied Van 9' wb (D1664)   details… £8.10O, S
C86 LMS 6/8ton Meat Van (D1670)   details… £8.10O, S, D
C87 LMS 6ton Fish Van (D1885)   details… £8.10O, S, D
C92 LMS 12ton Ventilated Van (D1676)   details… £8.10O, S, D
C93 LMS 12ton One Plank Open (D1986)   details… £5.65D
C101 LMS 12ton Ventilated Van   steel ends (D1832A)    details… £8.10O, S, D
C102 LMS 12ton Van   steel ends (D1663)   details… £8.10O, S, D
Pre-grouping wagon:  
C84 Midland Railway 12ton Van 10' wb (D664)   details… £8.10S


London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) Wagon Kits

C10 LNER 16ton Rivetted Steel Mineral Wagon   details… £4.80  D
C59 SR/LNER 13ton 8 plank End Door Wagon   details… £5.65 D
C81 LNER 12ton 6 plank Open (Wood u/fr)   details… £5.65 S, D
C83 LNER Quint D Bogie Bolster Wagon   details… £12.50  D


Southern Railway (SR) Wagon Kits

C6 SR 12ton 8 plank Open Wagon (9' wb   D1379)   details… £4.80       S
C7 SR 25ton Brake Van   details… £12.50      D
C50 SR 10ton 5 plank Open Wagon (D1380)    details… £5.65       S
C55 SR 40ton Ballast Hopper   details… (D1772) £13.45      D
C59 SR/LNER 13ton 8 plank End Door Wagon   details… £5.65      D
C67 SR 40ton Ballast Hopper (D1775)   details… £13.45      D
C95 SR 15ton Brake Van   (D1581)   details… £12.50      D
C96 SR 12ton 8 plank Open wagon - 10' wb (D1400)     details… £5.65  S, D
C103 "Borail" Bogie Rail Wagon - diamond-frame bogies (D1598)     details… £13.45      D
C104 "Borail" Bogie Rail Wagon - cast bogies (D1599)     details… £13.45      D
C107 SR 5 plank Open Wagon - Bulleid WWII design (D1375)   details… £5.65      D
Pre-grouping wagons:  
C33 LBSC/SR Round-end Open Wagon (D1369)   details… £7.35   O, S
C66 SECR/SR 12ton Open Wagon  (D1355)   details… £5.65  O, D
C77 SECR/SR 10ton Ballast Wagon  (D1344)   details… £5.65   O, S
C78 SECR/SR "Dancehall" Brake Van (D1560)   details… £15.65  T, D
C79 LSWR 8 plank Open Wagon  (D1316)   details… £7.35   O, S
C98 SECR/SR 12ton Van (D1426)   details… £8.10   O, S
C108 SECR 5 plank Wagon (D1349)   details… £5.65       O
C109 SECR Twin Bolster Wagons D1610)   details… £10.20   O, S
C115 LSWR 10ton Van (D1410 )   details… £8.10   O

The C60 PO one plank wagon listed below is quite similar to the LSWR one plank stone wagons
(SR Diagram 1308) built about 1900.


British Railways Departmental / Engineers' Wagon Kits

  4-wheel wagons:            
C11 BR Ballast Hopper Wagon - CATFISH   details… £8.10      D
C12 BR Ballast Hopper Wagon - DOGFISH   details… £8.10      D
C13 BR Side-tip ballast Wagon - MERMAID   details… £10.20      D
C14 BR Plough Brake Van - SHARK   details… £12.50      D
C15 BR Bogie open ballast/spoil wagon - TURBOT   details… £10.20      D
C16 BR ZCA Ballast wagon - SEAHORSE   details… (rebuilt OCA) £10.20      A
C29 BR "Taunton Concrete" Wagon   details… (ex-GW Sleeper) £10.20      D
C41 BR ZCA Ballast Wagon - SEA URCHIN   details… (rebuilt OBA) £10.20      A
C48 BR Loriot (GWR design)   details… £10.20  S, D
  Bogie wagons:            
C27 BR Bogie Rail Wagon - SALMON   details… (Long wb Bogies) £13.45      L
C28 BR Bogie Rail Wagon - BORAIL EC/EB-MB   details… £13.45      L
C46 BR Bogie Rail Wagon - SALMON   details… (Short wb Bogies) £13.45      L
C47 BR 50ton Bogie Rail Wagon - BBP/Salmon   details… £13.45      L
C65 BR 40ton Ballast Hopper - WALRUS   details… (updated reissue) £13.45     D
C76 BR 50ton Ballast Hopper - WHALE   details… £15.65     D
C82 BR Rail/sleeper Wagon - STURGEON (with side doors) details…   £15.65      L
C88 EWS 50ton Bogie Rail Wagon - YSA/Salmon  details… (ASF bogies) £13.45      L
C106 BR Rail/sleeper Wagon - STURGEON ((without side doors) details… £13.45      L


British Railways Bogie Wagon Kits

C22 BR BAA Bogie Steel Wagon   details… £10.20      D
C23 BR BBA Bogie Steel Wagon     details… £10.20      D
C25 BR BDA Bogie Steel Wagon   details… (modernised Bolster D) £12.50      D
C26 BR BPA Bogie Plate Wagon  details… (modernised Boplate E) £12.50      D
C54 BR Boplate E Wagon   details… (unfitted type) £12.50      D
C56 BR Bolster D Wagon   details… (BR Plate Bogies) £12.50      D
C85 BR BDV Bolster D VB/BSW Gloucester Bogies   details… £13.45      D
C89 BR BNA Bogie Steel Wagon   details… (ex BPA/BMA) £12.50      D
C99 BR Bolster D Wagon   details… (LNER Diamond Bogies) £12.50  O, D
C114 BR Bolster D Wagon   details… (BR R/Brg Plate Bogies) £12.50      D


British Railways 4-wheel Wagon Kits

C17 BR OBA Wood Bodied Open   details… £10.20 A
C18 BR OCA Steel Bodied Open   details… £10.20  A
C19 BR SPA Plate/ingot Wagon   details… £10.20  A
C20 BR OTA-A Timber Wagon   details… - 11/13 stanchion (ex-OCA) £10.20 A
C21 BR OTA-C Timber Wagon   details… - 9 stanchion (ex-OCA) £10.20 A
C24 BR POA/SSA Scrap Wagon   details… £10.20  D, A


Private Owner Wagon Kits

C30 10ton 7-plank Fixed End Wagon (15' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C32 12ton 5-plank Fixed End Wagon (16' 6" RCH 1923 type)   details… £4.80  S, D
C36 12ton 7-plank End Door Wagon (16' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C44 10ton 5-plank Fixed End Wagon (15' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C49 10ton 6½-plank Fixed End Wagon (15' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C52 10ton 5-plank Fixed End Wagon (15' Hurst Nelson type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C51 12ton 5-plank Fixed End Wagon (16' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C53 10ton 4-plank Rounded End Wagon (15' "W & G")   details… £4.80  O, S
C60 10ton 1-plank Fixed End Wagon (15' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C61 12ton 5-plank End Door Wagon (16' 6" RCH 1923 type)   details… £4.80  S, D
C62 10ton 6½-plank Wagon (16' Glos. 1907 type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C63 7-plank "Convertible" Coke Wagon (16' 6" RCH 1923)   details… £5.65  S, D
C74 4-plank Raised End Wagon (15' 0" W & G type)   details… £4.80  O, S
C75 9-plank Acid Jar Wagon (16' 6" RCH 1923)   details… £4.80   S
   See below for Underframe Kits  


Freight Wagon Bogies etc.

These all require wheels and bearings.

C39 BR FBT6 Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40     D
C40 2 Compensation Units (for a 4 wheel wagon)    details… £3.40   D

The bogies listed below are all "one-piece" sideframes and stretcher, with separate axlebox fronts
(except C69   the bearings form the axlebox front).

C37 Gloucester Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40 D
C38 Y25 Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  D
C68 BR Plate Bogies - oil (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  D
C69 BR Plate Bogies - roller (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  D
C70 SR "Cast" Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  D
C71 SR Diamond Frame Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  D
C72 BR "Ride-control" Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  D
C73 GWR Plate Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40 S, T
C90 ASF "Three-part" Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40   L
C94 LNER Diamond Frame Bogies (pair - one wagon)    details… £3.40  S, T


Underframe Kits

C34 16' 6" RCH Wood Underframe (9' wheelbase - 36mm) £2.50   S
C35 16' 6" / 17' 6" RCH Steel Underframe (9' wheelbase - 36mm) £2.50   S, D
C43 15' Gloucester Wood Underframe (9' wheelbase - 36mm) £2.50   O, S
C91 17' 6" "One-piece" Steel Underframe (10' wheelbase - 40mm) £3.40   S, D
C105 17' 6" "One-piece" Skeleton Steel Underframe (10' wheelbase - 40mm) £3.40   S, D
C303 16' Gloucester Wood Underframe (9' wheelbase - 36mm) £2.50   O, S



C31 "A" type Container £2.50     
C42 11 Pairs Assorted Brake Handwheels £2.30     
C45 Etched tie bars for 10' wb wagons £3.40     
C300 Etched tie bars for 12' wb wagons £3.40     
C305 Etched tie bars for 9' wb wagons £3.40     
C306 Etched tie bars for 9' 6" wb wagons £3.40     
C307 Fine Chain £8.90     


Alan Gibson Wheels (OO gauge) :

£3.70 for 2 axles & 4 bearings, or £7.40 for 4 axles & 8 bearings (Bogie wagons / GWR Crane)

Types available (Letter refers to type as shown above after kit price, G4O00 etc. is the Alan Gibson code):

OO Gauge (16·5mm) Wheel Types:

S - C400 G4O00 12mm 8 spoked
O - C401 G4O01 12mm "Open" spoked,
D - C402 G4O02 12mm 3-hole
T - C406 G4O06 12mm 10 spoked
L - C407 G4O07 10·5mm Lowmac
A - C413 G4O1312mm Air-brake disc


EM Gauge Wheel Types:

S - C430 G4E00 12mm 8 spoked
O - C431 G4E01 12mm "Open" spoked,
D - C432 G4E02 12mm 3-hole
T - C436 G4E06 12mm 10 spoked
L - C437 G4E07 10·5mm Lowmac


Scalefour (S4) Wheel Types:

S - C420 G4S00 12mm 8 spoked
O - C421 G4S01 12mm "Open" spoked,
D - C422 G4S02 12mm 3-hole
T - C426 G4S06 12mm 10 spoked
L - C427 G4S07 10·5mm Lowmac


See also (in the 16mm section):

LEDs, Switches, Battery boxes and Connectors   for building lighting, control panels etc.

Illustrated Catalogue (A5 - 20 pages)  £1.50 including postage  

Or you can download and print our 2014 Catalogue (Issue One) from pdf files

There are three files. The first file will print the cover/page 24 and first sides of the other sheets (3/18 etc.). You may need to print page one to test your printer settings (A4 Landscape). The second file prints the other sides, starting with pages 12/13 which go on the back of pages 11/14 (i.e. in reverse order to the first sides). Don't forget to reload the printed sheets in the same order as they will be used by your printer. You may need to reverse the order of the pages, depending on how your printer loads paper.
The optional third file prints the colour illustration of "cambrian", frame and Railway Company icons on the front cover. This is also A4 Landscape - note that it prints at the bottom of the page in the printer, so the back page needs to be nearest the end your printer takes in paper (and the correct way up!).

Download  - First Sides (file name - 4mm-2014-cat-1st-sides.pdf   1.8MB).
Download  - Second Sides (file name - 4mm-2014-cat-2nd-sides.pdf - 2MB).
Download    Cover pic. (file name - 11catfront.pdf - 279kb).

Prices shown are recommended retail prices including 20% VAT (for GB & EU)



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