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Railways on Street View

Standard gauge and narrow gauge

Each Street View location will open in a new browser window, or tab &8211; close when you've finished looking at each link. The Street View picture can be altered to look roundas usual. Places are only listed as links, as to include the Google Maps/Street View content in the page would make the page take a (very) long time to load. Note: the location that appears in the search box on the Google page will not necessarily be that shown on the map and Street View. The location given on this page is where it is – sometimes the map page was loaded by starting from the location in the box, then moving the map to the place shown, which doesn't alter the place in the Search box.

Narrow Gauge:

A narrow gauge train beside the road at Chilmark in Wiltshire. This is the remaining part of the large armaments depôt line. The line carries stone from a quarry, used to repair Salisbury Cathedral. The MOD line did not run along the road, but was behind high fences.
Train as above, from the rear.
The line curving away from the road towards the quarry.
About here, when the armaments depôt was still in use (1999), an otherwise rather ordinary looking policeman suggested that climbing the fence was not wise. He then parted his tunic to reveal a pistol in a holster on his belt. There was an extensive system here from exchange sidings on a branch from the Salisbury-Yeovil line, leading to underground storage bunkers.
There was another narrow gauge system nearby, at Dinton on the opposite side of the main line.
Happier days: photos taken in 1999 of the double track "mainline" and tracks leading to the standard gauge interchange shed. The building on the right in the second picture is the shed for the SG loco. Beside it on the right is a police van, and on the left, one of the SR-built WD brake vans that had two brake cylinders on the end platform.
Tipper wagons at Blaenau Ffestiniog
Cattle wagon and Zillertalbahn coach at Llanfair Caereinion
Coaches & sheds at Llanfair Caereinion
Loco at Raven Square, Welshpool
Chemin de fer de la Baie du Somme (France):
Metre gauge turntable at the end of the line,
at Cayeux sur Mer, Picardy, France. Western terminus of the preserved Baie de la Somme steam railway.
St.Valery Gare de Ville (Town Station)
Junction at St. Valery
– Cayeux line to the left, harbour line on the right, interlaced with standard gauge track. Ville station is the white building. Pre-preservation, passenger trains did not use the line onto the quay, so the platform to the right of the station building is recent.
Turntable at St. Valery harbour terminus.
Depôt at St. Valery over the river (Quai Jules Verne).
Match-boarded bogie coach at St. Valery depôt
Turntable at Noyelles terminus
Steam Locos (Photos)
Chemin de Fer de la Mure, Saint-Georges-de-Commiers, south of Grenoble (France)
Rotary snowplough
Station with coaches
Wagons at La Motte-d'Aveillans
Wagons at La Motte-d'Aveillans.
Tramway du Mont Blanc
St. Gervais depôt
Plinthed loco
Station Rue du Mont Lachat
Chamonix: Montenvers Tramway
Chemin de Fer du Vivarais, Tournon:
Depôt at Tournon with railcar etc.
Ridge-roofed vans
The yard at Lamastre, Rhone-Alpes, France
Depôt at Martigny
Grindelwald station, Canton Bern, Switzerland, terminus of the branch from Zweilütschinen.
Zweilütschinen station, with self-propelled snow-plough.
Baggage car at Interlaken (SG)
Chernex depôt, Montreux
"Fun Train" van at Chernex depôt, Montreux
Chernex depôt, Montreux 2, the Streetview car actully went into the yard. Includes a trolley wagon carrying an excavator.  
Tramway Touristique de l'Aisne (TTA), Érezée, east of Charleroi
Baladeuse (toast-rack) car at Érezée, Belgium
Tombereuse (open wagon) at Manhay

Standard Gauge Lines:

Osprey (ex-Salmon) wagons Westbury
The same, but closer
Another view of Ospreys at Westbury.
OBAs (OOU?) at Westbury
Stacked Freightliner conflats plus bogies and wheels at Southampton
Toton Yard: Ospreys and diesel locos
Healey Mills, near Wakefield
Tyne Yard, near Washington
73207 at Hoo Junction
08, 73s at Hoo Juntion, May 2012
73s at Hoo Junction, May 2012
ZCA Bass, Rudd, Clam and 66078 at Hoo Junction, May 2012
Hoo Junction "station", based on a pre-WWII Hornby tinplate prototype.
Hanson loco and MRL box wagons at Isle of Grain (A228/B2001)
Bogie wagons and shunter at Ilstil works, Rushenden Road, Queenborough, Kent
Sheerness station, can there really be a more unwelcoming station?
Diesel shunters, Sheerness steelworks, July 2009
Electrostar unit near Swale station (Kent)
Track laying wagon in the sidings east of March (Cambs.) station
A sand train from Middleton Tower waiting to depart from Kings Lynn.
The line it is on formerly led to the docks, and is retained for sand trains due to the way the Middleton line joins the line to Ely. This requires a run-round in the former Docks' branch loop.
Palvans and shunter at Long Marston
Coaches at Long Marston
Assorted rolling stock at Long Marston
Road-rail excavator and trolley, Chipping Campden
Track machine near Connel ferry, near Oban
Connel Ferry: the bridge that used to carry the line to Ballachulish – now a road bridge.
GWR 2-8-0 steam loco, Moor Street station, Birmingham. This loco stood on an isolated track in the "restored" station for some years. In 2013 it was removed for full restoration.
Steam loco at Baasrode. THere is more rolling stock around this location, including four G.C.I. six-wheeled match-boarded coaches in a rather sorry state: G.C.I. Coaches