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Speed Controllers for Battery Locomotives

N.B. these are now only available as kits.
Assembled controllers may be available at shows.


All kits include assembly instructions and wiring diagram. The controllers do not include switches. An On/Off switch or some other way of disconnecting the battery is required before the controller.
To provide forward and reverse, a two way switch, with or without "centre off" is required. The "centre off" position of the switch is not a substitute for a switch before the controller. The controllers are not designed to actually stop the motor at the minimum setting.


3v Controller

For 3 volt motors. PP3 type connector (for E3 battery holder) and wiring diagram.
Size 35mm x 25mm x 18mm approx. when assembled, as above picture.

Kit of parts - £7.70


12v Controller

An assembled Type 3 is illustrated, Types 2 and 4 are similar.



For 4.5 - 12 volt motors, max current 1200ma (such as supplied by "domestic" rechargeable C cells).
PP3 type connector (for E3 battery holder) and wiring diagram. Size 40mm x 35mm x 22mm approx.

Kit of parts - £8.50

This type can also be supplied with the chip used in Type 4 for use up to 3A.

Kit of parts - £10.35



For 12volt "gel" cells (e.g. Yuasa). Max current 1200ma.

Kit of parts - £9.40



For 12volt "gel" cells (e.g. Yuasa). Max. current 3A.

Kit of parts - £10.35


See Switches page for connectors, wire and switches.