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Wagon Kits on this page require 10.5mm disc wheels (4 axles) plus flanged (top-hat) bearings. 3-link or Hornby couplings can be fitted.

BR SALMON Bogie Rail Wagon Kit

Salmon Short

Available as C46 Short Wheelbase bogie version (above) and C 27 Long Wheelbase bogie version (below)

Salmon Long

The model above is loaded with track panels made from bullhead rail and custom moulded sleepers/chairs. A similar effect can be obtained using C & L components.
If not specified when ordered, the long bogie version will be supplied

Prototype Notes:

The Salmon is a flat wagon, measuring 62' 0" over headstocks for carrying 60' 0" lengths of rail or track panels. They have also been used without bolsters to carry bridge girders etc.
Built from the early 1950s, many of these wagons are still in use today. Salmons have GWR style plate bogies of either 8' 0" (long) wheelbase, which were fitted to about two thirds of the wagons, or standard 5' 6" (short) wheelbase.

Kit Notes:

Also required: 10.5mm disc wheels (4 axles) plus flanged (top-hat) bearings. 3-link or Hornby couplings can be fitted.



These were distinctive wagons, 62' 0" over headstocks, with "fishbelly" underframe and planked floor. Built from 1959-62, they ran until 1982, when 150 were air-braked with low sides and Y25 bogies.
The model is loaded with bullhead rail with plasticard inside the pile. It took over an hour to "construct" the load.

LMS Bogie Rail Wagon

C47 LMS/BR Bogie Rail Wagon Kit (Borail BBP / Salmon)

A kit for the later type of LMS Bogie Rail Wagon (LMS code "Borail BBP") - 100 wagons built.
BR built further batches of wagons to LMS Diagram P19E, with planked floor and LMS 'coach style' Bogies, from 1949 to 1953 - 162 wagons built. Wagons of this type ran from 1940 until the 1990s.
A couple were at Peterborough in March 1999.
With a fair bit of kit-bashing it is possible to make an LMS or BR 55ton Armour Plate wagon from one of these kits, although they had deeper solebars.

armour plate wagon