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SECR Brake Van Photos

Photos of the SECR Brake Van preserved on the Bluebell Railway
and of a model of the Ballast Brake van conversion made from the parts supplied in the kit.

SECR Brake end

SECR Brake: cabin end. Note that the red paint is incorrect – SECR vans did not have this.


SECR Brake: partial view of underframe. Note the red rust on the ends of the spring leaves.


SECR Brake: view of roof – the roof colour would have stayed looking like this for long!


SECR brake: end view. Light grey or cream underside of the verandah roof.


SECR Brake: side view of Ballast Brake conversion, showing windows and side vents. The steps were not altered.


SECR Brake: verandah end of Ballast Brake van.


SECR Brake: closed in end showing windows.

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