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C10 LNER 16 ton Steel Mineral Wagon Kit

LNER 16 ton mineral wagon    

PROTOTYPE: These wagons were built between 1945 and 1947 and lasted well into the BR period (1960s). There were 7,200 built, and similar wagons were built by BR.

C59 12ton 8 plank Mineral Wagon

LNER 12 ton mineral wagon    

D192 steel underframe wagon built by SR (their D1390). 1,850 of these were built at Ashford for the LNER in 1945-6. They were originally to have been 7 plank wagons to LNER D63, but presumably the SR only had stocks of timber of the size used for their 8 plank wagons.
Choice of RCH or LNER axleboxes.

C81 12ton 6 plank Open Wagon Kit, 9' wb wood underframe

L N E R 6 plank wagon    

Built from 1921 until the mid-1930s, there were over 20,000 wagons eventually. The ends supplied have the straight "Doncaster" style stanchions. These can be filed to represent the "Darlington" long tapered style of stanchion. Whilst there were not as many as the LMS 5 planks, they were still widely seen – see picture of Newhaven harbour below, which includes several LNER 6 plank wagons.

C83 Quint D Bogie Bolster Wagon Kit

L N E R Quint D wagon    

The prototype wagons modelled are the later type with alternative positions for the outer bolsters, built from 1936. The 1929 wagons can be modelled by filing down the "inner" bolster positions on the floor. The kit has "one-piece" bogies.

Prototype wagons:

SS Ashley steamship at newhaven     

Some LMS and LNER wagons at the seaside. The S.S.Ashley berthed at the North Quay, Newhaven Harbour in the 1930s. Only one definite SR wagon is visible (second from the right).
This is from a composite photo, hence the odd perspective.
Another picture of the "Ashley here on the Dean Goods website.