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Notes: some instructions are half A4 size (A5 landscape), but are printed "two-up". Others are printed doubled-sided, but are used as A5 in kits. Most of these will have the "second side" upside down under the first side text. It would be time-consuming to make special versions to put on the website, although a few have been done. However, it doesn't affect their readability, you just need to turn the page round!
Lettering to cut out and apply on instructions (e.g. C48 Loriot & C76 Whale), is not useable for this purpose (didn't come out properly on pdfs).

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If using Adobe Reader, ensure that you have the most recent release.

C1 Starfish Ballast Wagon
C2 GWR 10ton Loco Coal
C3 GWR Shunters' Truck
C4 GWR Sleeper Wagon
C5 GWR Crane & Match Truck p1
C5 GWR Crane & Match Truck p2
C6 SR 12 ton Open Wagon
C7 SR Brake Van
C8 LMS 16ton mineral
C9 LMS Steel Van
C10 LNER 16ton Mineral (steel)
C11 Catfish Hopper
C12 Dogfish Hopper
C13 Mermaid Side-tip Wagon
C14 Shark Plough Brake Van p1
C14 Shark Plough Brake Van p2
C15 Ballast Wagon Turbot
C16 BR Sea Horse (the same as C17)
C17 BR OBA Open Wagon p.1
C17 BR OBA Open Wagon p.2
C18 BR OCA Open (the same as C17)
C19 BR SPA Steel (the same as C17)
C20 BR OTA-A Timber Wagon
C21 BR OTA-C (same as C20)
C22 BR BAA Bogie Steel Carrier
C23 BR BBA Bogie Steel Carrier (C22/3 are the same)
C24 POA Scrap Wagon page 1
C24 POA Scrap Wagon page 2
C25 BR BDA Bogie Bolster
C26 BR BPA Bogie Plate Wagon
C27/46 BR Salmon long/short
C28 BR Borail
C29 Taunton Concrete
C30 Glos. 7 plank Fixed End
C31 A type container
C32 RCH 5 plank Wagon – see C30
C33 LBSC flat end open
C34 RCH Wood underframe – see C30
C35 RCH Steel underframe
C36 Glos. 7 plank End Door – see C30
C37 Glos. Bogies
C38 Y25 Bogies
C40 Pedestal Comp. Units
C41 BR Sea Urchin p1
C41 BR Sea Urchin p2
C43 Glos. Wood underframe – see C30
C44 Glos. 5 plank Fixed End - short – see C30
C46/27 BR Salmon short/long
C47 LMS BBP Rail Wagon
C48 GWR/BR Loriot W
C49 Glos. 6½ plank PO Wagon (Short) – see C30
C50 SR 10 ton Open Wagon
C51 Glos. 5 plank Fixed End - long – see C30
C52 Hurst Nelson 5 plank open
C53 Wheeler & Gregory 4 plank open – see C30
C54 BR Boplate E
C55 SR 40ton Hopper 1928 version page 1
C55 SR 40ton Hopper 1928 version page 2
C56 BR Bolster D
C57 LMS 5 plank steel u/f
C58 LMS 5 plank wood u/f (same as C57)
C59 SR/LNER 8 plank - LNER Livery
C60 Glos. 1 plank PO Wagon – see C30
C61 RCH 5 plank End Door Wagon – see C30
C62 Glos. 6½ plank PO Wagon (Long) – see C30
C63 RCH 7 plank Coke Wagon – see C30
C64 GWR 40ton Bogie Loco Coal Wagon
C65/67 40t Hopper SR 1947/Walrus page 1
C65/67 40t Hopper SR 1947/Walrus page 2
C66 SECR 7 Plank Open
C67 SR 40ton Hopper 1947 version – see C65
C68 BR Plate Bogies oil axleboxes
C69 BR Plate Bogies roller bearings
C70 SR Cast Bogies
C71 SR Diamond Framed Bogies
C72 Ride-Control Bogie
C73 GWR Plate Bogies
C74 WG 4plank – see C30
C75 Acid jar wagon – see C30
C76 50ton Hopper Whale p1
C76 50ton Hopper Whale p2
C77 SECR/SR 2 plank ballast wagon
C78 SECR Brake Van
C79 LSWR 8 Plank
C80 LMS 12t unventilated van
C81 LNER 6 plank Open wagon
C82 BR Sturgeon NYA
C83 LNER Quint D Bolster NYA
C84 MR 12t Van
C85 Bolster D (VB)/BSW
C86 LMS Meat Van
C87 LMS Fish Van
C88 BR Salmon ASF Bogies
C89 BNA Steel Carrier NYA
C90 ASF Bogies
C91 10ft. wb. Underframe
C92 LMS 12t Ventilated Van
C93 LMS 12t 1 plank open wagon Not done yet
C94 LNER Diamond-frame Bogies
C95 SR 2 plank ballast wagon
C96 SR 8 plank Open wagon (10ft wb)
List of PO Wagons produced (historic)
Wheels required for kits
Illustration of MM transfers 4866 (ex CT2)
Illustration of MM transfers 4867 (ex CT4)