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Order using PayPal: the minimum value is £10.00 including postage – we can take telephone orders using Visa or Mastercard, for which there is no minimum value. PayPal orders will be sent to the address held by them, unless you've told us otherwise.
NOTE: when ordering by PayPal, you will get a payment request from them, and an email from us, with details of your order attached as a PDF file. The file name will include your name. We never send these as .doc, .xls or .zip files. If you receive an email pretending to be from us with a file attached other than a pdf, do NOT open it. A sample email can be seen Here (some words are obscured to prevent spammers using it).

When ordering, it's easier if you can also see the product pages.
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Item Codes / Descriptions boxes have "Autocomplete" – e.g. type LED (or led) to choose from all LEDs. Click on the correct item to select it, or you can type directly in the boxes.
LEDs: please give the supply voltage in the message panel above, so that we can supply suitable resistors. Otherwise, resistors for 12 volts will normally be supplied.

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Please put any further items in the message box above the order section.

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We do not retain email addresses other than to reply to you although, if you have expressed an interest in a forthcoming kit, we may send a further email to let you know that it's available. We do not send unsolicited emails or bulk emails. Your email address will not be passed to third parties (not even ones carefully chosen for having more money than sense), with the exceptions of PayPal for processing your payment, or WorldPay if you have asked for an emailed receipt (usually sent with your order).