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On this page: underframe kits, 'A' type container, handwheels, chain, wheels and gears.


Underframe Kits

Underframe kits include brakegear, brake levers, headstocks and buffers, except that C91 & C105 do not include headstocks.

C34 16' 6" RCH Wood Underframe (9' wheelbase - 36mm)

Includes a "planked" floor and extra headstock for end door wagons, which had projections on the buffer body tops to retain the floor planks. Floor planks were not generally fixed, and could be removed and replaced once the "curb rail" at the bottom of the sides was taken off.

C35 16' 6" / 17' 6" RCH Steel Underframe (9' wheelbase - 36mm)

Choice of 17' 6'', or 16' 6" solebars. Includes "steel" floor for 16' 6" solebars.

C43 15' 0" Gloucester Wood Underframe (9' w/base - 36mm)

Includes a "planked" floor. There is also a solebar for 16' 0" underframes.

C91 17' 6" "One-piece" Steel Underframe (10' wheelbase - 40mm)

"Morton" brake/ RCH axleboxes, plus "RCH" and "Oleo" buffers. The headstocks are not included.

C105 17' 6" "One-piece" Skeleton Steel Underframe (10' wheelbase - 40mm)

For wagons without a floor, such as tank wagons and hoppers – can be used to give RTR tankers an "open" underframe. "Morton" brake/ RCH axleboxes, plus "RCH" and "Oleo" buffers. The headstocks are not included. The arrangement of the components is not the same as LMS skeleton container underframes.

C303 16' 0" Gloucester Wood Underframe (9' w/base - 36mm)

Includes a "planked" floor. There is also a solebar for 15' 0" underframes.




C31 "A" type Container
                       A Type Container

Small square type with "plywood" body. Built by the LMS in 1944-45, 135 went to the LNER & 31 to the GWR.
The Southern Railway only received 3, but built 75 more (D3027) in 1946.
BR also built a further batch of 110.
Transfers: Cambridge Custom Transfers Sheet BL40

C42 11 Pairs Assorted Brake Handwheels
                       handwheel image

Two mouldings as shown above per pack with various styles of wagon brake wheels. These could also be used for tank/hopper wagon control wheels or industrial models with pipework.


Packs contain 5 pairs of tiebars in brass, except C300, which are nickel silver, C45 includes operating levers for vacuum cylinder, as shown.
These are suitable for wagons with vacuum brakes and 4 shoe brakegear. Can be used for "conversions" to fitted type, or for replacing bent, broken or overscale bars on kits or RTR wagons.

                       handwheel image
C45   Etched tie bars for 10' wb wagons (illustrated)
C300 Etched tie bars for 12' 0" wb wagons

These will fit the Bachmann 38-701 BR Pipe Wagon, and other 12' wheelbase wagons. Nickel silver.

C305 Etched tie bars for 9' 0" wb wagons
C306 Etched tie bars for 9' 6" wb wagons
C307 Fine Chain
                       chain image

Fine chain, approx. 33 links per inch (25·4mm), pre-blackened. Approx. 1 metre per pack.
Suitable for detailing wagons, securing loads etc.
Picture shows approx. 33 links, but not at scale size.

  •  Alan Gibson Wheels: OO gauge/EM/S4

£3.40 for 2 axles & 4 bearings, or £6.80 for 4 axles & 8 bearings (Bogie wagons & GWR Crane)

Types are shown on the price list page for the sort of wheels fitted when built, but may have been replaced later, e.g. "Open" spoked by spoked, and spoked by 3-hole. More than one letter, e.g. S/D, indicates the order in which the types of wheels were used on the wagon.
Very occasionally, open spoked wheels were used as a replacement, possibly because they were the only ones available that fitted the axlebox journals (bearing diameter/length).
The GWR Crane and Match truck requires two axles of G4O00 8 spoked and two axles of G4O06 10 spoked wheels (or EM/S4 equivalent).
BR 4 wheel wagons with "A" as the third letter of the TOPS code, e.g. OCA, generally have/had disc brake wheels (G4O13).
Walrus and Whale hoppers are likely to have had plain disc wheels (not stocked by us), although using 3-hole wheels will not be very noticeable when the wagon is on the track.

Types available (Letter as shown on Price List page after kit price):

  • OO Gauge (16·5mm) Wheel Types:
  • S - G4O00 12mm 8 spoked
  • O - G4O01 12mm "Open" spoked,
  • D - G4O02 12mm 3-hole
  • T - G4O06 12mm 10 spoked
  • L - G4O07 10·5mm Lowmac
  • D - G4O13 12mm Air-brake disc
  • EM Gauge (18·2mm) Wheel Types:
  • S - G4E00 12mm 8 spoked
  • O - G4E01 12mm "Open" spoked,
  • D - G4E02 12mm 3-hole
  • T - G4E06 12mm 10 spoked
  • L - G4E07 10·5mm Lowmac
  • Scalefour(S4) (18·83mm) Wheel Types:
  • S - G4S00 12mm 8 spoked
  • O - G4S01 12mm "Open" spoked,
  • D - G4S02 12mm 3-hole
  • T - G4S06 12mm 10 spoked
  • L - G4S07 10·5mm Lowmac


See also (in the 16mm section):

LEDs, Switches, Battery boxes and Connectors   for building lighting, control panels etc.