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  All these are sold in pairs – 2 bogies for one wagon.
  Alan Gibson or Romford wheels with 26mm axles are recommended. Avoid "RTR" wheels such as Hornby or Bachmann as these may be larger than the kit is designed for – fitting couplings could be difficult; the axle length may also be shorter.
  BOGIE WHEELBASE: C38 Y25 bogies are approx. 23·75mm wheelbase (1·8m) and C39 FBT6 bogies which are 26mm (2·0m).  All the other bogies are 22mm wheelbase (5' 6" / 1·65m).

C39 FBT6 Bogies

                       F B T 6 Bogie image

Bogie type fitted to iron ore wagons and nuclear flask wagons.
Fold-up side frames/stretcher.
    (Illustration shows a Hornby coupling – these are not included)

C40 2 Compensation Units

                       Compensation Units

   2 units for a 4 wheel wagon – as used on our POA wagon. (Go to POA)
   Includes a choice of spring types: Gloucester (2 types), ESC (4 spring) & Bruninghaus (leaf).
   With fold-up "W" irons on which the chosen suspension detail is fitted.
   Includes brake shoes and handwheels.

The bogies listed below are all "one-piece" sideframes and stretcher, with separate axlebox fronts.
They all require wheels and bearings – fit these into the frames and you will have a free-running bogie in a couple of minutes. The bogies are attached to the bolster with a 3mm screw and nut.

C38 Y25 Bogies

                       Y 25 Bogie image

Choice of disc or shoe braking; & wheel/lever brake (lever not included).

C37 Gloucester Bogies

                       Gloucester Bogie image

The spring unit on the sideframes is still a separate moulding. These bogies were found on a variety of BR wagons including vacuum fitted Boplates and Bolster wagons, plus Sealions.
Now includes vacuum cylinders and "V" hangers as fitted to vacuum-braked Bolster D wagons (D1/472).

C68 BR Plate Bogies - oil (pair - one wagon)

                       B R plate Bogie image

   These were found on a variety of BR wagons
   As used on our Walrus, Boplate E and Bolster D.

C69 BR Plate Bogies - roller

                       British Railways plate frame bogie

   These were found on a variety of BR wagons
   As used on our Whale kit.

C70 SR "Cast" Bogies

                       Southern Railway cast frame bogie

As used on the SR 1947 Hoppers, also used on some of the SR bogie rail wagons. There were similar bogies on some early Southern Region track machines, and BR ballast cleaners (see below).

C71 SR Diamond Frame Bogies

                       Southern Railway diamond frame bogie

As used on SR 1928 hoppers. They were also used on some SR bogie bolster/rail wagons.
They are very similar to the LSWR 5' 6" bogies used on their hopper and bolster wagons.

C72 BR "Ride-control" Bogies

                       Davis and Lloyd bogie

Davis & Lloyd type. Used on various BR bogie wagons etc., such as Bolster E. These are sometimes referred to as "Ride-master" bogies, but the frame casting was marked "RIDE-CONTROL.

C73 GWR Plate Bogies

                       GWR Bogie image

Bogie type fitted to various GWR wagons, such as crocodiles. This is the type without angle-iron bracing.

C90 ASF Bogies

                       ASF Bogie image

Bogie type fitted to modernised Salmon wagons from about 1998. The Osprey conversions of Salmons have these bogies.

C94 LNER Diamond Frame Bogies

                       LNER Diamond Frame bogie

These were found on a variety of LNER wagons including Boplates and Bolster wagons, as well as "special" wagon types. Also used on some early BR bogie wagons. Now available.

A Ballast Cleaner at Carmarthen, c. 1982. This has bogies similar to the SR cast type, but with dish-shaped axlebox covers.
b r ballast cleaner