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Sandy River Track auto

16mm Narrow Gauge Products

   Prices include 20% VAT.   


On this page: 3D Printed Parts

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Parts on this page are 3D printed in ABS (usually dark bluish-grey colour).



ND1 Radiator Grille    £2.95

Square mesh, suitable for Fowler Peldon loco. 47 x 31mm, approx/ 1·8mm thick.

Tail Lamps


All these include a Red LED for 5 volts or 12 volts.
Round lamps are approx. 12mm diameter x 16mm high.
Square lamps are approx. 12 x 12·5 x 16mm high.
Both types have a slot for mounting on a bracket.

ND2 Round Lamp, for 5 volts     £4.20

ND3 Round Lamp, for 12 volts   £4.20

ND4 Square Lamp, for 5 volts     £4.20

ND5 Square Lamp, for 12 volts   £4.20

Fittings (pictures coming soon).

ND6 GVT Wagon Axleguards – four   £Later

These have injection moulded front, and printed backs.

ND7 "Shell" style Coach Roof Vents – six   £2.95

ND8 "Torpedo" style Coach Roof Vents – six   £2.95

ND9 Loco Brake Shoes – four   £2.30

ND10 Loco Brake Shoes – six   £2.95


ND11 Ruston bufferbeam – 1 slot    £4.20

Two per pack. Approx. 48mm wide, 7·5mm high

ND12 Ruston bufferbeam – 2 slots    £5.25

Two per pack. Approx. 48mm wide, 11·5mm high
ND11/12 can be glued in place, or attached with self-tapping or wood screws from the rear. It is also possible to cut off the printed bolt heads, and replace with suitable bolts to attach the bufferbeam.

More 3D printed items are on the way.