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Sandy River Track auto

16mm Narrow Gauge Products : how to order

16mm Catalogue:

You can download and print our 2014 Catalogue from pdf files.

Click/Tap "More" for details of downloading and printing our 16mm Catalogue:

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There are two files. The first file will print the front cover/back cover and first sides of the other sheets (pages 3/14 , 5/12, 7/10). You may need to print page one to test your printer settings (A4 Landscape). The second file prints the other sides, starting with pages 8/9 which go on the back of pages 7/10 (i.e. in reverse order to the first sides). Don't forget to reload the printed sheets in the same order as they will be used by your printer. You may need to reverse the order of the pages, depending on how your printer loads paper.
Download  … First Sides (file name - 16mm_cat_2014-1st_sides.pdf) (2.1MB).
Download  … Second Sides (file name - 16mm_cat_2014-2nd_sides.pdf) (1.3MB).

If you would prefer us to send you a copy of our 16mm Catalogue, send us an A5 SAE.


Send us an order by post and pay by cheque/Postal Order – please make it payable to Cambrian Models. Please refer to postage rates below.

We can now take debit or credit cards which have the Visa, Mastercard or Maestro logo, for telephone or mail orders. Please include a telephone number, in case there's a problem. We do not recommend sending card details by email.


Please add £2.50 postage to the total cost of items ordered up to £15.00 ***, £5.00 over £15.00.

A REDUCED postage rate of £1.80 can be added if your order is for no more than any TWO items – from ref. nos. NA1 - NA33, but excluding NA8, NA11, NA12, NA18/9, NA21 and NA27.

*** IF your order includes any of these:
Bogies or Type 2/3/4 speed controllers, E15 / E30 Battery boxes, CA2 / CA17 Motors, NA18 / NA19 Boxes; CD1/2/3/4 Gearboxes; then the £5.00 postage rate applies to ANY value order, as the package will be thicker than 25mm.


You can pay using PayPal, either from your balance, or using a credit or debit card. To pay by Paypal — contact us via our Email us/Order form and we'll send a Paypal Invoice for the amount payable including postage. Do NOT include your credit/debit card details in the email.

Please note that whatever way you order, we do not offer a "by return" service. We are a two-person manufacturing business, not a warehouse, and time has to be split between making items and sending orders. Inclusion of items on our website does not mean that we have the item "on the shelf". Please allow 21 days for delivery — or 28 days for Overseas.


To order goods by post, you will need to send a cheque in GB pounds drawn on a British Bank, or cash in GB pounds or Euros at current exchange rate, or by including your credit/debit card details – see above. Alternatively, payment can be made by Paypal.
PLEASE NOTE: we are no longer able to supply goods direct to the USA or Canada, as our insurers have advised us that our product liability insurance does not cover these countries.

If your order includes any of these:
Bogies or Type 2/3/4 speed controllers, E15 / E30 Battery boxes, CA2 / CA17 Motors, NA18 / NA19 Boxes or Gearboxes; the postage is likely to be higher (any value order) as the package will be thicker than 25mm.


EUROPE (EU): Postage will be a minimum of £4.50. For PayPal and Card orders we will estimate the postage cost to work out the postage payable.

OUTSIDE EU: Non-EU countries – postage will be a minimum of £5.00. We will estimate the postage cost and use prices without VAT to work out the total payable.
The prices shown on the price list page include a VAT element of 17%. Prices without VAT will be used for non-EU orders.

Our address is:
Cambrian Models,
10 Long Road,
Tydd Gote,
PE13 5RB.

Our phone number is: 01945 420511

Overseas: +44 1945 420511

The best times to phone are 9 - 10am or 2 - 3pm (when we are less likely to be moulding).


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