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Sandy River Track auto

16mm Narrow Gauge Products

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On this page: Bogies, Axleguards, and Brakegear

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Parts and accessories are mainly injection moulded in polystyrene (usually medium grey colour).


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BOGIES (all sold in pairs for 1 vehicle)

Each type includes 4 side frames, 2 stretchers, 2 bolsters and screws for attaching the bogie to the bolster. Wheels & bearings are not included. The sideframes will need about 3mm packing between the frames and the stretcher if they are to be used on 45mm track.
NOTE: bogie mouldings have been altered to enable the use of our CA13 bearings. Brandbright bearings can still be used if the locating hole is enlarged.
Pictures do not show the bolster (which is square with 4 fixing holes). Bogies are usually moulded in medium grey polystyrene.

NB1 Lynton & Barnstaple® 4ft wheelbase Wagon Bogies £6.10
4' wheelbase Wagon Bogies

As fitted to most L & B bogie wagons. Requires 24mm wheels & bearings to complete. Note that the frame spacing is reduced by 6mm to avoid clearance problems & to allow the stretchers to be used for other bogies. (L & B bogies were wider than usual for 2ft. gauge)

NB2 Lynton & Barnstaple® 3ft wheelbase Wagon Bogies £6.10
3' wheelbase Wagon Bogies

Smaller wheelbase bogies as fitted to wagon No.28312 (as drawn by Mike King). Requires wheels & bearings as for NB1. Can also be made up without bearings. Smaller wheels could be fitted to make a pair of 4 wheel wagons, or even used for a bogie diesel loco.

NB3 "Fox" Victoria Railway 3' 3" wheelbase Wagon Bogies £6.90
Victoria Railway 3ft 3in wheelbase Wagon Bogies

As fitted to Victoria Railways Narrow Gauge stock. Similar bogies were fitted to the Leek & Manifold open wagons and transporters. See SMT No.66 November '93. Requires wheels & bearings as NB1. Can also be made up without bearings.

NB4 Lynton & Barnstaple® 4' 4" wheelbase Coach Bogies £8.50
4ft 4in wheelbase Coach Bogies

Distinctive bogies as fitted to L & B coaches. Requires 24mm wheels and CA13 bearings to complete. The axleboxes have working plastic springs. (Will take 2kg. per bogie)

NB5 Rye & Camber 3' 6" wheelbase Coach Bogies £6.90
Rye & Camber 3' 6" wheelbase Coach Bogies

Channel framed bogie with tie-bar. Also suitable for wagon underframes. 20mm diameter wheels required

AXLEGUARDS (All types are in packs of four)

NA1 "Talyllyn" Wagon Axleguards £2.50
Talyllyn Wagon Axleguards

As used on various Talyllyn Railway wagons. From drawings/ photos in Sept 1965 Model Railway News. Pin or glue in place. For 2mm axles.

NA2 "Record" Skip Wagon Axleguards £1.50

As fitted to tipper wagons. From a drawing in Model Railway News p306 1961. Can be fitted direct to plastic solebars, or to a rectangle of plasticard & pinned to wooden ones. They could also be drilled through for inside bearings. For 2mm axles.

NA8 Welshpool & Llanfair Wagon Axleguards £3.50
Welshpool & Llanfair Wagon Axleguards

Based on axleguards fitted to W & L wagons. Plastic bearings aresupplied.
Separate springs & axleboxes give a degree of springing to the axles. With some extra work, the springs could fitted behind the "W" irons, an arrangement which was sometimes used on narrow gauge stock.

NA22 "Sandy River" Track Auto Axleguards £3.50
Sandy River Track Auto Axleguards

"Inside sprung" type based on those fitted to the Sandy River (US) railcars converted from road vehicles.
Picture shows axleguard fitted to a railcar.
See NA20 for radiator and NA29/30 for radiator & cowcatcher

NA26 Simplex Loco Axleguards £3.50
Simplex Loco Axleguards

Set of four as fitted to Simplex 8/12h.p. locos. Includes brackets for skid bars.
Could also be used for small wagons.

NA27 "Fowler" Loco axleguards £3.50
Fowler Loco axleguards

Axleboxes plus springs, chain tensioners & small flanged "boss"
Baseplate is approx. 21mm wide x 19mm high.

NA28 GVT Coach axleguards £3.50
GVT Coach axleguards

Set of four axleboxes: curved front axlebox with coil springs (dummy)
"W" iron is approx. 14·5mm wide x 16mm high (to top of springs).
See also NA10, NA28 and NA31 for other GVT coach fittings.

NA34 "Simplex" 12/20hp Loco Axleguards £3.50
NA34 Simplex 12/20hp Loco Axleguards

Axleboxes and springs – as fitted to plate-framed locos. Approx. 34mm wide over the spring hangers
Could also be used as dummy axleguards on outside framed locos.

NA38 "Glyn Valley Tramway" Wagon Axleguards
Glyn Valley Tramway Wagon Axleguards

"Unsprung" axleguards – as fitted to a number of Glyn Valley open wagons.
Approx. 22mm high, and 10·5mm from lower edge of the solebar the the centre of the axlehole.
Suitable for 20-24mm wheels.

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NA9 "W & L" Brakeshoes (4) £2.00
W & L Brakeshoes

Brakeshoes & Hangers for four shoe brakegear - use two sets for 8 shoe type. Based on Welshpool & Llanfair type - 24 - 30mm wheels.

NA10 Glyn Valley Coach (pair) £2.95
Glyn Valley Coach brake gear

Two mouldings each with 2 shoes & push rods as fitted to GVT coaches (non-working). For 5ft. 6in.wheelbase (88mm) and 24 – 26mm wheels. Picture shows centre bar still attached to moulding. N.B. - these are identical mouldings which are not reversible.

WAGON & COACH WHEELS (four, without axles – 2mm dia. required)

NW1, NW2 15mm Disc & NW9 Spoked wheels are no longer available.

NW3 24mm Curly Spoke Wheels £2.50

Used on slate wagons etc.

NW4 20mm Five Spoke Wheels £2.30
24mm Curly Spoke Wheels

Can be used with NB2 bogies for making 4-wheel wagons.

CA11 Pack of 10 AXLES £1.00

   Plated steel, 75mm long, 2mm dia.

WAGON / COACH WHEELS (four, without axles – 4mm dia. required)

NW5 25mm Disc Wheels £2.30
25mm Disc Wheels

LOCO WHEELS (without axles)

NW6 "Faller" 21mm (0-6-0) £4.20
Faller 21mm (0-6-0) wheels

Set of six wheels. 2mm axles required.

NW7 "Excelsior" Wheels (0-4-2) £3.50
Excelsior Wheels (0-4-2)

   Four driving and two pony wheels. 1/8" axles required for driving wheels and 2mm axles for the pony truck wheels